Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Claire Sophia

So with a week and a half to spare, we moved into the house and then welcomed our daughter into this world.  Claire Sophia was born Valentine's morning at 7:34 am.  She was 7.2 lb, 20 1/4 inches long and absolutely perfect.

Jesse is continuing to pick away at odds and ends with the house, although that has dramatically slowed down since this little angel entered our lives.  I will continue to post pictures as we make this house our home and finish things here and there.  Our yard is still a pile of mud, our exterior doors need to be hung, the stone needs pointed, we need shelves in our bathroom closets, curtains need hung, built in storage areas need made for the mudroom... the list goes on and on.  For right now, we are enjoying the first days of Claire's life and will pick away at the house when we can.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Made it!

Occupancy inspection was passed on Friday,
Move day happened on Saturday,
And I still haven't had the baby!
We made it!!!
 Last week, our family and friends spend countless hours helping us finish everything in time.  Here Karl is working on the built-in window seat in the master bed, which Jesse is currently using as his dresser.
 Dad painting the final coat in the master bath.
 Rachel painting the kitchen window sashes.
 Mom cleaning the nursery windows.

 Temporary curtains made of burlap bags.

 Jesse and I were completely blown away by the amount of people who blessed us on our move day.  At one point there were 15 cars parked on our street!  My awesome sister, Jen, made a delicious lunch for everyone and Jesse's aunt Becky provided snacks for everyone to munch on throughout the day.

 Thank you Becky for putting the pack and play together so that the baby will have a place to sleep next to my bed!!
 By lunch time, everything was moved!
Couldn't believe it.
Then we spent the afternoon putting things away and organizing everything.
 It is still a work in progress, but it feels so good to finally be here!

 (master bath vanity)

I finally got to use my nesting instincts and organize all the baby stuff!
Can't believe there will be a little one here soon.
 Rachel made these adorable curtains for the nursery
and I think they look perfect!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us in the last few months of crunch time here in the Pellman household.  We have been so incredibly blessed to have your love and support!  
There are still lots of things to work on here in the house, but we feel good with where we stand right now.  
Now we are getting used to all the new noises the house makes and having fun making it feel comfy in time to bring our baby home to.
My hospital bag is packed and I finally feel ready!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching up

An incredible amount of work has happened since I blogged last.  
Here is my attempt to catch up with everything I have missed in the last few weeks.
 Dave (the electrician) has been installing all our light fixtures.
 I love these little lights in the master shower.
Definitely shows off the irregularities in the bale wall.
Seth (Beau Soleil Decorative Painting) put this concrete stuff (I'm sure there is a better name for it that I don't know right now) on the walls in the shower and I love it!
 Jesse cleaned and stained the mudroom floor and Seth finished it for us.
 Here Jesse is finishing the stairs.
 Mom and Aunt Shirley painting the nursery windows.
 The stair railing taking shape.  
Thanks Zach Mininger for all your help with the metal work!
 Fun lights in the mudroom and laundry room.
 Kitchen taking shape.
 Transom above the front door.
 Lights above the area where our desk will be built... some day.
 Rachel doing more painting.
 Cork floors on the second floor.
 Concrete counter tops right after they were poured in place.
(Seth made these for us as well)
 Island getting prepped to pour the concrete.

 Upstairs vanity that Karl made.
 Finish coat of plaster on the nursery walls.
This picture was taken the day it was put on the walls, so you can see how it dries.

 Master bath vanity... I love it!!
 Karl built the vanity and we used these old pulls from my Grandpa Lefever's old desk.
 Karl touching up the kitchen.

 Our make-shift table to share a delicious meal with the fam.

 Counter tops continuing to dry.

 Concrete being poured in the laundry room.
 Karl making sure Jesse doesn't fall into the wet concrete while smoothing it out.
 Forms broken off the counter top... almost finished!
I love the way they turned out!
 Jesse finishing up the stair railing.

 Karl and Dave helping Jesse clean, stain and seal the basement floor.
 Wasn't too sure about an orange wall in the mudroom, but Jesse loves his Netherlands orange!
 Zach and his amazing strength helped Jesse set this 400 pound concrete sink last Saturday.
It was heavy enough to bust through the concrete floor, but yet Zach could bench press it into place!
 Jesse used some recycled Jerusalem tile to make a backslash for the stove. 
 Plumbers came today to start setting toilets and sinks.
 Finished tile behind the stove.
 Today all the appliances were dropped off in our living room...
tomorrow Jesse is going to install them.

 I love these lights Dave made for the master bed.
Looks like we will be sleeping under stars.
 Master vanity set.
 Master shower almost complete.
 Rachel painting our interior doors.
 It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they are gray.
 Jesse setting the under mount sink in the upstairs bath.
I'm sure I missed a lot, but I think I got pictures of most of the big things that have happened around the house.  We are still hoping to have the house finished, cleaned and ready to move in next weekend.
Leaves one week until baby due day!